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Only you can answer if you are past your polysaturation point.

But I think that point is like everything else -- if all else is going great? Maybe it is at X. But if something happens like stress at work or a family health issue -- then it drops to (X - 1) or (X - 2) or something.

If you are overwhelmed -- are you also spending time on the (Me to Me) layer of this polyship? So you are alone or with non-romantic friends to chill?

In my own life -- my brain works like that all the time. Just because it is not romances doesn't mean I don't have tiers!

Family Math? (As opposed to polymath?)

I have to balance my me to me, me to my spouse, me to my kid. Then work on me to (spouse + kid) times. And deal with kid to US (the parents) and there is no denying kid gets jealous. Kid is young! Then deal with spouse to (me+ kid) time.

Never mind dealing with my own aging parents and the wacko of eldercare for Dad. They are my first in my extended family of needs. Then there is the rest of the people.

A new lover would have to fit in all that as a long term partner -- I seek permanence or a shot at that. A permanent V perhaps. And a new lover comes with their OWN family math bag. Am I expected to participate in that or not? For me to be able to give a new lover my best? When what I want is long term serious commitment?

I have to coolly and honestly assess and own that no. THIS time and place? Not the best time and place to Open again to date and shop for that kind of partner.

You kinda have to do that in your own networks over there -- a cool, honest assessment. And remember to take care of your buckets -- your mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health.

Love may be infinite but there's only 24 hrs in a day.

Not sure if that helps.


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