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I'm really excited - I may get to spend some quality time with Zelda this weekend! She and I are hoping that we can all go on a random overnight trip (we all = me, Keith, Zelda, and Zelda's hubby) to the coast. Zelda and I are very much water people, while our husbands are not, so it will be interesting. If it happens... This was a plan born of a 2:30am discussion of two sleep deprived women, so we'll see if we can get the men on board. She is encouraging me to take a more decisive, dominant role in this whole flirty, getting to know each other, teasing process (she is submissive AND shy, so it would actually be incredibly helpful if I was confident enough to pursue her more blatantly...). I really need to work on my confidence with women! I know how to read men and know where I stand, but with women I'm next to clueless! It's so fun and frustrating at the same time!

On another note... Bashful and I are just not in sync. His youngest is ill, and I have a funky sleep schedule going on so I'm not sure if we'll even see each other before my trip home. I'm not feeling too bad about it, though, since I warned him that the next week was going to be slightly crazy for me (3 poly events to get to, plus making sure Keith and I have time together before my trip, and I already knew I wanted to go to the coast so taking at least an entire day if not an overnight for that...) and he didn't seem to feel the need to make time over the weekend. I know he took the time I had semi-available and used it to hang out with someone else (oh, the joys of Facebook...). I was only semi-available, though, so yeah, I don't really blame him... lol I was with a group at a random event, but I was free afterwards so I offered to either meet him when the event was over or to bring him as my date to the event and then we could do whatever he wanted after.

Fiona has still been texting me off and on. It's odd how the things that I needed to say to let go of hope that anything deeper would be possible were apparently the things that motivated her to try harder. I've been pretty busy, though, so I haven't dedicated too much thought to it. I respond to her questions but haven't tried to start or maintain any real conversation. I'm hoping we'll get the chance to talk face-to-face about expectations and comfort levels (like right now, I'm trying to avoid mentioning Zelda too much or alluding to anything other than friendliness going on between us since I don't know how Fiona is feeling about hearing about me dating others - especially female others). I'm not super motivated to maintain a close relationship with her, but it is nice having someone I can be open with and I don't want to push her too far too fast if she is still getting used to being back in the friend zone... lol

I've kind of given up on the job hunt until I get back. I have a good list of places to contact and volunteer positions that I think are interesting, so hopefully I'll be able to find SOMETHING even if it is unpaid just to get some experience in the area. Blah!
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