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I've been at my mums for the last two nights due to work commitments, and urgh. i did not enjoy being away from my people. add to that, the fact that yesterday was quite a trying day emotionally (first at work) and difficulties with uni work and something in my biological family that's rattled me a bit.

And its just amazing coming home. They were both worried because i was acting weird, and have promised me a bit of a 'love in' this evening. but the anxiety truly gets a bit less when i can just wrap myself up in one of them.

And then, i finally heard back from a friend interstate, whom i had come out to a few days ago. who has just started her 'congratulations' with something along the lines of "i won't tell you my opinions of 'poly' relationships...but as long as you are communication and have clear agreements then i suppose...congratulations i'll be happy for you"
Luckily not a close friend of mine, but it hurts more because i'm just in a weird headspace anyway.
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