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You started another thread to update from this one?

Alright. Please could you add paragraph breaks? That would make it a bit easier on my old eyes. (I joke, but it really would help me. )

He finally responded by email today. I asked him if he could come over for dinner. No response all day then he says no he's too tired and had been napping. I texted that he doesnt have time for me and I'm tired of his no responsiveness. guess what?? no response still. I am not sure I can be with someone who does not consider my feelings and respond to emails or follow through with agreements. I'm beyond pissed.
Yup. You can't be with someone like that. That why I have "3 strikes you are out" -- if it is the same issue, I've brought it up, and it keeps on the same with no real try at change. I want serious players only.
  • He has the energy or willingness to put in X.
  • You have wants/needs for Y.
  • He's been doing this song and dance for a while, and now he doesn't follow through on an agreement.
Since he didn't have the consideration to let me know when he got back last night (we agreed to let each other know the night before what the next days plans would be)
Not just that broken promise. In your old post it was revealed he lies/fails to follow through on plan making.

You are like 2 mos in on his SECOND CHANCE with you.

Hon, this is not gonna be a runner.

Not if you want hot ethics.

I am sorry if that is Hard to Hear.


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