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Originally Posted by zusammen View Post
Hi all,

On a side note, and I hope someone can identify with me on this... I also like to see myself as solo, unattached, independent... my ideal would be ultimately uncommitted relationships. However, after so much time being with Sax, I inevitably am in a "relationship". I don't want to not be with Sax, nor impose artificial restrictions... Is anyone else in a similar situation? How do you deal with the unintended seriousness that simply comes with time?
Hi Zusammen, nice to meet you and glad you posted on this!

My approach is similar to yours, i.e., I consider myself solo, unattached, not looking for a primary partner/life partner. And I'm kind of in a similar situation to yours, in that I've got a "lover-friend" that I've been seeing for a while now, so that it begins to feel more like a relationship.

In my case, however, my lover-friend is actively seeking a primary partner of his own, plus he generally has a lot more sex/dating activity than I do, so that keeps things from getting more serious, and is something I am happy with. In a month or two, when I am done with my thesis (fingers crossed!), I will have time to seek out more dating partners myself, which I think will also help keep us from falling into an "accidental" relationship (or a serious relationship by default).
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