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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
I think many people also make 'statements' that are really questions that they don't want to ask out right. I can easily see someone 'saying' Your dance card is full, when they're really asking, "Is your dance card full, then? Are you interested in me?"

It's a soft approach, giving someone a chance for a graceful exit, a gentle excuse, rather than forcing them to say, "I'd love ten more boyfriends, but you, sir, would not be among them if there were only nine men left on Earth!"
I'd totally read it that way too. Men are so often hammered for being pushy, he was probably hoping you'd say your dance card wasn't full at all if you were interested.

That seems like an odd reason to rule somebody out - are you sure you weren't interested anyway so it seems like a good excuse?
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