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Originally Posted by cuninglingwist View Post
From what you have said about her she is quiet, but also said no mater what happens she still wants to be friends with you, this tells me she has already made up her mind about you regardless weather the men are there, you may think she is quiet but I think she is letting you do the talking, when she knows you have hours to spend together in a private setting, your nervas talking will be stopped buy her sensual kiss on your lips, do not resist her, let her pent up passion consume both of you, give yourself to her, give her full access to your body,let her sexually corrupt you in every way no matter how wickedly perverted
allow the real queen to come out, be a willing accomplis to her every exquisite perversion including her fisting of you, but be prepared recipicate in every way.
are you ready for this?
As a way to break the ice with the men present, sit in a comfortuble chair, make sure you dont have panties on, and an easy access skirt or dress, at a pre determined signal move your ass to the edge of the chair open your legs wide so she can come over to you you and kneel down and start eating you without words being spoken, even better during a boring topic of conversation, you and her will become like sisters and the men will love you both for it.
I... am at a loss for words.

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