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Default Attention Secondaries

How are you?

Apparently this forum is seen as primary heavy. So let's talk to the secondaries... If you, dear reader were to do a tag search for "secondaries" or "secondary" you would see years worth of tagged threads where secondary status is well discussed. On my blog I discuss it at length as do others on theirs. Things eb and flow on here and things go in and out of fashion to talk about. If there are people discussing in PM how dismayed they are that the topic of "secondaries" hasn't been discussed to its full advantage then let's have at er. I mean we're poly right. Communicate. After all, this forum is what you make it. The only way stuff happens if you start talking. This forum is a big relationship platform to me. No different from any other relationship. Stuff needs talking out sometimes.

So what up?! Let's talk about what's concerning secondaires.
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