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Agreed, honestly should be baseline in any & all relationships as far as I'm concerned..... Which is why I'm struggling with this
I hate not being open about this
Bothers my sleep, my work....
I just want to be happy and I want my primary to be happy as well
Yet our needs seem to be so different, I'm at a loss as to how to come clean without drama.... Specifically the blame-game
I can just hear it: but you said DADT? - Ya but I didn't think you would - well I did, now what - how could you? I love you - and I you, but... - but what, you're horny and I don't put out, right, so it's my fault - no it's not, it's "us" - what about "us"? "us" was fine till you.....
Sigh, really.... Do I gotta? (yes, the 12 year old in me is pouting)
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