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Love Languages, no I hadn't but thank you
I googled & read-up.... Indeed looks like a very interesting book
Thank you
Oh, and yes, I did the test
No surprises there, I'm a 10 physical touch, followed by words then acts of service (8 & 6 respectively)

Therapy/counciling..... Depression.....
I did multiple sessions alone, took a series with him but he never showed (10 last minute rescheds in a row is not a subtle hint)
So getting him to see someone for him and ny issues he may have is pretty much impossible

We talk, we talk a lot.... but it goes in circles
We spoke again this past weekend, during most of which I was fighting tears
All of this is terribly sad to me
We're so good together on so many levels...
Yet when I get close, he giggles & says I'm tickling him even of it's just a hug
When I try to talk physical intimacy, he changes the subject
Not harshly, but say we notice an old couple holding hands, we'll both feel softness, big "aww, ain't that sweet" and I'll reach for his hand or make some comment "one day, that could be us" kinda thing, and his mind goes to some other place like old-age pension or health care for the elderly...
I jokingly remind him now & then that he has 2 heads, get out of your brain and into your pants... He laughs, thinks I'm being silly...

Yup, I may have no other choice but to simply tell him: DADT isn't working for me and simply see how things go from there....
Damn I hate this....
Can't we just talk things through?
Must there be so much drama?
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