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Believe it or not, he did get Viagra, tried it without telling me, and decided it wasn't for him... I kinda agree in that Viagra and such don't give you desire, they help increase blood flow (thus making erections easier).
Yes, in part, this is about sex.... But more so, it's about me feeling like a woman who's wanted. A real live woman who needs to be touched, held, felt desired... Not just a partner, someone to cook/clean/daily stuff with, but someone to walk holding hands with... And I do push for our couple as a couple to interact..
Example: Hiking
Latest push is health in regards to fitness so we discussed requirements, got geared-up, did our first hike to test out how heavy packs were, all went well
Now he's decided biking needs to be added and I dislike biking (no balance), he knows this, insisted... So now he bikes & I hike, how "together" is this, how "part-of" do you think I feel....
Yes NRE is wonderful.... Oddly enough, that burning/yearning is something I can still get going within myself for my primary
But he doesn't want to investigate hormone replacement therapy (only thing I can think of which may help)
Am I in live with my second, I'm not sure.... I believe we coud have something long-term together, yes, for years & years even
But I'm not going to rip & replace
To be honest, if me & my primary don't sort this out, I'll probably leave them both (may seem odd to leave second as well, but as I've been in my primary for o long, I think it'd be best I find myself again before opening to another)
But what I would really like is if I could openly have both my primary & second, ideally they'd even become friends....
I'm dreaming out loud aren't I..... Sorry
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