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Thanks, Cindie! I am continuing to sleep well. The main reason I wasn't lately was because of worry about my mentally ill daughter, and my ex dragging me into trying a scheme to help her, that did not help, and just upset me. I am again distancing myself from that mess.

In poly relationship news:

Ginger is not feeling well. The Lyme disease is kicking his ass. His joint soreness is lessening just a bit since he started antibiotics, but still pretty bad, and he tired very easily. But we did have a lovely date on Saturday. We hadn't seen each other in 12 days! I went to his place around 3, to his private cabin, and we went into an immediate hot clinch. Rawr! really good. Then we collected ourselves, dressed, and I drove us to this big outdoor drum fest he goes to every year. Despite his illness, he didnt want to miss it.

It was in a gorgeous setting of fields and woods, right next to a canal which led to a river. The rhythms were fantastic. He tried to dance, but it caused him too much pain. So, we took a romantic walk along the canal, held hands, talked. Returned to the drum circle and sat in the shade and many of his friends stopped by to chat. I got introduced to people.

After an hour, he said he needed to leave. I felt sad for him that he couldn't dance and enjoy the fest this year in his usual ecstatic way. But then he suggested going out to have dinner. This was our first time eating out, since he has many food allergies and aversions. But he had a cute old fashioned drive-in in mind, 10 mins away from the fest. We had seafood and frappes and it was fun!

After that we drove back to his place. He had put on lots of sunscreen since he has to be careful of the sun (he's a light skinned freckled person, plus the antibiotics make him even more sun-sensitive). So, he wanted to shower, and I had the enjoyment of watching him wash down in his rustic outdoor shower.

Then we climbed up in his loft and snuggled for a while, a little groping, low key, because he was tired. I left around 8 to go back to miss pixi's place. I am on dog duty for a week because she is away all week counseling at a camp for transgendered kids (her 2nd year doing this).
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