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Default the bottom line

When it started I guess the free outings and having sex with both was exciting and fun to have a married couple wanting you, in a way I carnt blame her for being selfish with him, obviously she can see your love for him is a threat and she dosent want to lose him to you,
over time you have become their willing bisexual sex slave, however your fantasy of you and him being together has taken over your mind, you need to understand, being their sex slave is all you will ever be, its the way they both want it otherwise things would have changed by now if he felt the same way as you. besides he has to much to lose and nothing to gain except your pussy, and he and his wife get that for free so why change? I think you need your own man in your life, one that is openminded who will encourage you to enjoy your oral passions alone with another girl, or alone with him, or experiance the joy of all sleeping together and waking up together, but in your situation its never going to happen, your just their sex slave. Some girls love being in a sex slave situation, but obviously its not for you. you want a future with your own man. my last bi-girlfriend was a dedicated proffesional in her field and was transfered across country, when her girlfriend stayed the night to have a three some with us, I would get up first to make coffee for us all, to walk in the bedroom and see them curled up naked in each others arms sleeping like babys, so at peace with themselves is so precious, and the joy on their faces when they woke up and their wamness towards me is irriplacable, thats why I can never be with strait closed minded jealous females anymore, a girl that can love a man and loves eating pussy as much as i do and willing to share a girl together are precious, so I dont think you would have a problem replacing your sex master and his jealous wife that are mentaly hurting you, you need to start thinking positive about geting out of this dead end, thinking about yourself and your own needs. not theirs. Most important is NOT geting involved with a closed minded man, your wonderful oral skills and need for both man and woman will be rejected, you need an openminded man to encourage you, a man who understands your attraction and need to oral a willing female is now part of who you are as a person, not looked upon as cheating or some deathly sin but as a wonderful gift that you bring to your relationship.
The fact you came hear tells me I know you will do well, life will change for you.
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