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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
Well yes .. because if you're a practicing Christian, the Bible says you must gather in fellowship. So isn't an actively practicing Christian one who goes to a church by definition?
But what does "gathering in fellowship" mean? Does "gathering in fellowship" necessarily imply that you have to go down to your local white building with a steeple and sit in pews and sing some songs and listen to some guy talk for an hour? I don't think it necessarily does. "Gathering in fellowship" is a lot more fluid than that. It could include just sitting down once a week and gathering with similar believing people in your living room and having a discussion and a check-in about life... or inviting people over to have a meal.

I know a lot of Christians (poly and not...) who don't do institutionalized church anymore because they feel that what their local churches are teaching isn't Christian.
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