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AutumnalTone & opalescent thank you for your comments.

My husband works 14 hour days and one week a month is on call 24/7. He deals with people in his line of work and by the time he comes home he just wants time alone and to see me before he falls asleep. Maybe that makes him odd.

When we got together we both had life goals we wanted to achieve. Unfortunately both could not happen simultaneously. Mine came second due to money. His goal lasted longer than originally planned and I have felt that this was unfair but not really his fault. He is asking me to hold on a bit longer and I'm not sure I want to continue to put my goals on hold. (Money or no money.)

We do make each other better. I push him to have more fun and open him up to different ideas. He keeps me in the real world. (I tend to be unrealistic.) He reminds me to plan ahead.

"Co-dependent/controlling and demanding"- Yes he is a big baby about things but I still go out. I still had a BF. I try to be mindful of his feelings and understand that he isn't totally comfortable with having less of me. I just didn't know he was having such an issue with the BF till I pushed him about it. I believe most people are dependent on their partner or partners in some way. Unhealthy? Probably. One more reason to keep on with the therapy.

As AutumnalTone says, I have no issue... So I guess I should just say I identify poly and live mono as of a week ago.
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