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Ah. To me it seems only reasonable to have areas of the board limited to registered members vs. open to anyone who stumbles along and wants to read.

OTOH, I was responding more based on this:
a private/experienced/advanced part of the forum has been REQUESTED by some members
That sounds like (and I could be wrong - correct me if I am) that some members want an "advanced" area (although I'm not sure what counts as "advanced poly" ) that would be inaccessible by other registered members. I don't know what the criteria would be for that, but IMO if it becomes a "members vote" thing, then you're courting favoritism and cliques and so forth - and it's a sure thing that you'll get people feeling marginalized and excluded.

I honestly don't understand what would require having a "private" forum that some of the members have access to and others don't. If you have a group of friends who want to share more private sexual/personal information or photographs or something of that nature, then they can do that with each other via email or PM w/out creating an exclusionary part of the forum to grow personal friendships/connections.
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