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Been a long few days. Some good some not so good. Today I kind of fell apart, realizing I don't have a whole lot of support. My mum seems to think I am going to run off with my boyfriend (was S, now calling him Music).

Turns out my dad (step dad)'s parents were poly and in a quad relationship for years. His mum left his dad for her lover. They married and were together for 25+ years until he passed away last year. She thinks I will run away with Music and leave Storm all alone. She doesn't see the good in this relationship, only the potential bad. I do understand her fears, but I wish she (and others) would understand that I am not stupid, nor would I ever just up and leave my marriage!

Now, I don't usually value my family's opinion that much when it comes to my love life, but I felt a huge let down. If Music and I stay together for the long haul (which is what we are planning), he will be a part of my family unit. Anyone wanting to stay in my life will need to accept that and him. I'm not asking them to jump on board and love him, but respect and acceptance is needed.

I am glad that we are taking it slow. Music has come out to some of his friends, and introduced me as his girlfriend. I am finding that P (whom I will call Petal), seems jealous about me, but in an indirect way. She is quick to point out that she is the primary and that she had Music first. I let her know I am fine being the secondary, because we're just dating at this point and there is no need for rumble-strutting (anyone with guinea pigs may understand this, it's like stomping around, puffing up and being the bigger pig, but it's usually only a dominance thing, not truly leading to fighting).

Anyways, I got to chat with Music tonight, and I feel better. He said that I just need to love myself, Storm and whomever I want to love. And that he will be there when I need to talk, which is lovely.

Next thing is for me to meet up with my bestie and talk to her. She knows nothing about this, except that we've been talking about it for years. I really need a day out, ha!

On a good note, I am planning my next date with Music. Planning on going to the movies (I have free passes) and maybe some start watching by the lake. Nothing fancy, just love and fun
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