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heh posts like this make me confused.. but i guess its just my take on poly.

Sure Im poly, but its probably years down the line before I even think I might love one of my flings.

I tell people Im poly... i dunno I guess people jump into love with poly, as fast as mono people do!?

Not me..

I guess Im mostly FWB type person, until something fruits from it. I dont believe in love at first sight, I dont believe in jumping into serious relationships.. at minimum.. MINIMUM a year of getting to know eachother, its -possible- it might be serious

and/.... always always always use protection!

My recent EX and I, didnt have many rules.. but protection was a must unless it was between us, or with someone else that the other was also with, who they fucked unprotected.. because... well it doesnt really matter at that point? There were two other people in our 9 yr history.. that yes, we both were sexual and had relations of some sort with.. strangely? never at the same time.. First was my other lover, who I was actually poly with. She had a fling with her, but both were serious with me on their own. The second was her other lover, who I had a fling with, but she was serious with both of us on her own ?? confusing I guess.. but not really
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