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Thanks guys, all this feedback is really awesome!

UltraViolet (cool name Yeah, I like that structure: honesty without feeling controlled by one's partner is definitely where I want to go.
I will be glad to take you up on that offer, will probably send you a PM soon, thanks!

GalaGirl, any info is good, I am completely new to this, having only recently taken the steps to find out who I am (breaking up with my uncompromisingly mono ex whom I (still) really love was difficult ) and decided to embrace my polyamory and excited to finally be living my life and finding out who I am! I'm not too sure of specific questions I have (not really sure where to begin, though I have some interesting links to check out (thanks nycidie) and a lot of useful info (thanks everyone ).

I'm basically interested in how people run their own relationships, with particular emphasis on the "no veto" thing: the various ways in which people are accommodating and deal with any relational issues (practical, emotional, etc) without compromising on the things that are really important to me: my decision to love whom I love, to be myself and to look out for all partners pretty much "equally" (yeah I know everyone has different needs and relationships are different in terms of "seriousness" etc, I mean pretty equal relative to those needs.)

Originally I thought "non-hierarchical" was the only way to identify with the "no veto" thing but I am realising that a "hierarchical" relationship (in terms of who I happen to be closest to) relationship is possible, so long as I don't feel controlled in any of my relationships.

Currently I am dating one person only and I don't have any experience with multiple relationships.

So basically: any info on how your relationships work would be awesome
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