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heh, it sucks sitting here reading through all the break up stuff, and most of it is due to people who think they are poly, but really cant handle what that really means.

When the fact is.. me.. who personally have always disliked the word poly.. because it sounds like some hippy dippy bullshit.. yet my relationship which has always been successfull in the aspects of sex, and even loving other people. We have never had jealousy issues, and we have had other lovers, at the same time, (although we have never really shared lovers)... no issues ever came of this.. in fact that part of our relationship has flowed freely and easily without us even ever having to talk about it, or setup weird rules or anything. Its all been good.... my relationship is ending.. because of my partner life attitude, and fact that socially/financially its not working for her here.. in fact its the wrong place.. wrong time sorta deal.. which is why i guess its hard to break up. Because the love has worked for us.. and yeah I try to stick through good and bad.. but when it gets so bad, you can only take so much. Really glad I actualy had a successfull aspect of seeing poly dinamics work without a hiccup.

However.. honestly at this point.. being 'free' and single, and amped up on flirting and meaningless sexual relationships.. I cant say Im looking for another poly partner. In fact Im so happy that I just have a little black book again... Although I do have this new dynamic going on with our housemate... a man none the less... but a damned sexy punk rock boy.. who is only looking for fun, and nothing serious.

hurray (sorry just trying to look at the bright side of life right now.. because It does hurt a bit to think a 9yr partner is gonna not be in my life... at least as a lover)

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