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well yeah shes always had mental issues.... ahem,... I prolly wouldnt be attracted to her if she didnt have issues... What can I say, I love crazy people. Ive had my own issues, and almost everyone I know at one time in their life has been to jail or mental institutions. Some of them both (me included).

So I know about mental issues, I have a dissenting view among alot of people I dont believe in head meds, I never see any good come of it really.

4-5 years ago, she informed me she was going on them... and you know what? Her life and attitude has gotten worse in my opinion. Meanwhile I roam the world freely unmedicated, without shrinks and docs.. and my life is in much more balance. Although I put alot of effort at looking deep inside myself to resolve some of my issues. Its not to say Im without issues.. but Id say Im a little more stable these days.

This poly stuff has always made me feel like a damned hippie when I tell people I am poly. Honestly me and my crew are punk as fuck ex street kids, bikers, and more on the extream edge of counter culture.

Today I feel like a giant burden is off my shoulders (even though not truely, as she is still here)... Ive been having way more fun interacting with new people, and even being more flirty.... which is funny because Ive always had persmission to do these things, but the constant suffocation on my household and shit-fuck attitude was making me less inclined outside to have fun and enjoy life. Id say the turning point, was my birthday weekend, as I said I ended up in a great 3way for my birthday.. and it was all because I said "fuck this, lets go out without her"... I let it go that night and had a blast. anyways thanks for the supportive reply. Ive known I needed to do this since probably Nov/Dec, and some talking here and there... placated the situation enough to be tollerable until about a month or two ago... now there arnt any more chances... it aint workin baby
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