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GalaGirl, I often "freshen" my profiles. This is the first paragraph of the main online profile I use at present:

I am not here for casual sex. Nor do I ever indulge in any form of cybersex or phone sex. Yes, I am serious about this. Also, please note that I do not respond to opening emails that consist solely of "Hi" or "How are you?" Or worse yet, "how r u."

This is the last paragraph of that same profile:

Please don't bother contacting me:

If you're looking to cheat on your wife, fiancee, or live-in girlfriend
If you call total strangers "hun" or "sweetie"
If you interpret "polyamorous" as "sleeps with anyone who asks"

Guess how many people I hear from who are seeking casual sex, or seeking to cheat on their wives, or seeking phone or cybersex relationships, or who try to call me "hun" or "sweetie" in the first message, or who think I'm going to verbally commit to banging them on the first date before I even meet them? It's probably more than half the people I hear from, total.

Many men don't read even the first sentence of women's profiles, they just look at the pictures and then feel they are entitled to clog up their inboxes with BS emails. I could not be clearer in my profiles about what I want and do not want. But some men don't care about what women want, they only care about what they want. That's probably why they're online and desperately seeking booty in the first place.
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