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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Thank you for your post, Nikki. By that reasoning, perhaps "The Fireplace" should be members-only too, in addition to "Life Stories and Blogs"?
The Fireplace could be a good candidate as well, I think....

I have some additional comments about these two forums as well...

"Life Stories and Blogs" - I guess what kinda irks me a little about this forum is it doesn't have much structure... on the forums I've seen this done on, generally how it's handled is members who want to talk about their life in a "journal" style way are allowed to start one thread and then maintain a conversation within that thread about their life... I'm probably being irked by it because I really like that format, and feel like posting a new thread all the time is disorganized... but that's just me.

"The Fireplace" - I saw someone say in another thread that they had wanted to talk about something (was it a health issue or a health issue of family member or something... I can't remember...) but they felt hesitant to post it in "The Fireplace" because that area of the forum currently isn't very active and he/she wasn't sure anyone would want to hear about it.

I feel like this is the dilemma of having a free-for-all catch all section for everything not related to the main forum... unless it's actively being used by a lot of members, these types of forum usually remain fairly empty by comparison because people are afraid to post there because no one else is because they're unsure if what they want to talk about is something that's interesting to others.

There are two ways to combat that which I know of.... Either change the structure... Like, maybe create subforums under The Fireplace for various non-poly specific subjects like "Home Life", "Parenting", "Family", "Entertainment", etc. so people know those are totally acceptable thingsto be talking about here, OR the active members need to be more proactive about posting in the Fireplace on a regular basis.
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