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Your story moved me.

And you have good ethics -- it is true. You HAVE to pull back and not be lovers. Dial it down to being friends. So at the end of the semester, she can move to where she needs to be. Encourage a medical check up as part of sorting herself out -- she sounds like depression maybe? Or if she's vitamin deficient? Or something like Seasonal Affective Disorder (those long hard winters of yours means lack of sun) -- whatever it is encourage her to get it looked at.

Later down, after you get over THIS chapter of your lives? If you want try turning it up again to FWB, that is fine.

But just because the experiment of living together did not work out long term, does not mean you both didn't grow. Unexpected successful result as opposed to hoped for result?

You certainly sound like you did grow. I salute you for trying to handle your first big break up well! It goes so much easier FIRM, fast, and clean. Don't let it get messy. Keep it in the friend space volume now. Supportive friend.


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