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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Yes, we are all very happy with the way things are at the moment. My girl and I make love all the time, there is plenty of sexual activity between us, it has lessened of late because she is seeing more of her lover, I'm happy for her to do so, we still make plenty of time for us though.

I wasn't asking if it's the "norm," I was wondering out of interest and curiosity how common it is for guys who are their girls primary, to be secondary when it comes to sex, and also how they feel about it. I'm fine with it, I'm not going to get upset just because her other love gives her more orgasms then me, in fact it turns me on. He has always been her dom but is now also her bull, and is free to be with her whenever he wants.

Like I said, I'm curious if there are any other guys who feel the same way, or not?
Nathan, you seem so cute, and you have a very refreshing attitude towards sex, if only all guys were the same, I think a lot of relationships would be less stressful, and longer lasting.

I see that you use the term bull to describe you g/fs lover, I guess this means your both still into that cuckold roleplay. Lol.....You both seem to have got to a great place, and I think that your g/f is lucky to have you.
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