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Redpepper and I had a short discussion about participation in this. I think I would be ok with supporting it if names and faces were not made public. Not really as a vocal participant but as a presence. If it is public I want nothing to do with it. She asked why and I said "extended family".

We always say "As long as no one is getting hurt" than pretty much anything goes in relationships. My parents would be hurt I'm sure of that. I'm sure my ex wife would just chalk it up to my decent into debauchery and I am unsure how my daughter would receive me getting public attention for this.

I know there is the argument that it's ok or even good to "challenge" people sometimes but I don't see this as challenge. I see it as causing "hurt" and therefore it is not ok for me.

I'm happy just to enjoy my relationship and if I can keep the stress it causes others to a minimum I will. I don't believe in the "it's their thing" statement which absolves me from responsibility. I think that is a cop out derived from selfishness in getting what I want.

Obviously each of us can do as we please and need to stand up for what we believe in. So it is possible for one of us to take a stand while the other does not. I find this a very interesting situation.

Who among us is willing to stand up if the public eye will be on us?

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