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Default You need to stand back,

and see things more clearly for what they are. The worst thing that happened to me that can happen to others in any relationship especially including polly, is to have one party that refuses to talk where she acts like the other party does not exist, she is not uncontiously doing this, she is very concious of doing this and fully knowledgable of the mental stress,hurt and damage she is causing you, she is a none verbal mental sadist, she proberbly acts so precious to the others that they dont see it, its her way of controling the group with her none verbal communication with you, the fact she is a new cumer to your otherwise happy group they should see this and support you. after all the other girl could be next! I dont care how good she feels when going down on you, this type of person is not a team player, she needs to go and find another victim to play her games on, or you need to go if the others dont see it, otherwise it will consume you. its all about what SHE wants in this group, not you. she was proberbly spoiled as a kid and knows how to push buttons to get what she wants, so baby you need to be strong, talk to the others and confront her together, shutting out one person is not the way a polly family grows or conducts its self, open communication is a must. you will not be her private mental masochist. if you need to talk further with me please get intouch.
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