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just to clairfy.. the alcohol isnt the underlying problem. Because she has a shitty attitude about life even sober. Drinking just makes things worse.. and in general doesnt drink everyday.

Actually Im probably more of an alcoholic than her. I drink everyday, but even she will agree, that I am a jolly drunk, and really I just have alot of fun when I drink. I wouldnt say I get drunk everyday, but I usually have 3 beers every night.. and if I go out (and its not my turn to be the DD).. i generally get pretty drunk, but nothing bad happens.

She told me its hard to live with me because I drink, and it makes her want to drink.. (another thing that isnt working here for her).. My drinking isnt the problem, my getting drunk isnt the problem.. its the fact it makes her want to drink, because she thinks she will have fun too... but shes a real mean and nasty drunk.

Well I guess in my opinion, people who are in a shitty place in life.. get that way when they drink.. Its really a symptom, rather than the actual problem. In my previous history I have been a mean drunk, and thats because I was in a bad place in life... know what I did? I quit drinking, and focused on changing what was wrong. Now things work fairly well for me in life, I drink, I have fun. If I feel in a shitty place, I dont drink.

ya know, I could prolly make it easier, if I didnt keep drinks in the house, and I didnt drink at all... that would at least not 'tempt' her... but I know this is gonna sound terrible... drinking works for me, its not effecting me negativly at all, and if anything mostly has a positive impact... its her drinking that just makes her already shitty situation, even worse

The only reason we made it this long, was before the 2012 new year, I told her she needs to stop drinking for a while, or get out, because its too much. Well sure things calmed down, and really just placated everything, there was still this underlying shit-fuck attitutde.. and now that its been summer, of course she wanted to -try- and have fun, and has been drinking.. and its flashing back to last december.

So yeah.. drinking is a problem, but its not THE problem. it just exposes the deeper issue, and brings it to up front and center.
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