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Default Dont feel bad, your not alone.

I think your very smart in doing what you did, but mostly for her. I lived with an alcoholic for two years, when she was good she was good, but when she was bad she was a horror story, I was becoming her enabler because i cared so much, finally while she was at work I moved her stuff to her storage, and simply told her you dont live hear anymore, she hated me for this and I felt bad about it, but after she was gone I felt this whole weight off my shoulders, I had to do it for my own sanity, later Imet her she has moved in with another guy but still needs her bottle everyday, where before she was happy to enjoy me and another girl, but today with her uptight closed minded boyfriend she is a strait arrow sexually, infact she told me she hasent had sex in 6 months and dosent care, but thanked me for saving her life, she understands now finally.
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