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also just to make clear, jealousy, and other lovers, and sex with other people has NEVER been a problem in our relationship. Hell just last week I ended up in a threesome with a new friend, and the other person who lives with us. The new friend was soooo worried it would cause a problem.. I told her not to sweat it... and when we all wokeup sometime in the afternoon, we got up and my main lover made us all breakfast (even though she wasnt involved)... if anything she was happy I had fun, and wasnt jealous at all... That was actually a good day with her... ironically, it didnt involve her, and shitty enough, thats the best day I can remember in the past couple of weeks, where there was no shitty attitude.

The only thing that bothered her a little, was she doesnt end up having fun like this.. and thats because we didnt take her out that night, because she has a shitty attitude about everyone and everything around her. So me and the boy went out to a party, and well.. ended up in bed with a new friend and him. I made it clear, that if she had a better attitude about living here, theres no doubt she would have had fun that night.. But if you are set in a shitty mood, you will only have shitty times... its an attitude about her life that just isnt working for anyone.

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