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uh, two questions CL:

1. Wtf?
2. Wtf?

wow, where did this come from? i'm loling too hard right now to read this.
first off. king solomon and puppy power should be shown more respect. nothing will ever happen if they are not ready or in full agreement.

...and who said i was willing to have a sexual relationship with queen amidala? i am not against it but i'm not really that gay. just a little gay. I care about being apart of the group and making them happy, all of them, more than anything else. there is no way i would want to screw that up. it sounds as if you meant to post this on fetlife.

not hating on you or anything. it's just seems like your comments have stood out. almost like a troll. this is a poly and open site so folks get into all sorts of things. but I DO NOT need sex advice.

who are you?
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