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Default Mummy to pliglets

Hi, i'm Plig. i'm in my early 20's, pansexual, and i'm in a committed relationship with my best friend and her partner. We all live together in a very chaotic awesome house along with the three children involved (yes, we stole the term 'pliglets' from sisterwives), of which none are biologically mine...yet

So, from the reading she and i have done so far...i'm a unicorn apparently. (but the username i wanted was already pliglet it is)

I'm still at university, so hopefully at the end of next year i can start planning pliglet nr 4

Um... other than that.
We're now 'out' to four out of six parents (almost five since my dad won't care), most of our siblings and most of our friends. and i haven't heard a negative word yet, which is pretty awesome cause we were quite worried about how people would react.

Also I'm a book/crafting nerd with a special love for all things children and childbirth

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