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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

New to this. I want some feedback please.

If you are a sub to your Dom significant other-how do you feel (and why) about them having other sub's?
for me personally, I would not mind him having a "toy","plaything", or simply put a sex slave if there were no shared emotions.

I would NOT be okay with him having another sub in the way I am with feelings involved, cause well frankly to me its even more (can't think of the word, but) emotionally bonding/soul sharing to be his sub than his wife. don't get me wrong being my primarys wife means the world to me. however being Master's pet is somethign very personal, private, and intimate we've only shared with each other. the best way i can explain it is, i've given him a part of me that WANTS to be owned, needs it, craves it, to be free of making decisions, to simply be and feel and respond to whatever he commands. it would be more of a hurt for him to get emotionally attached or fall in love with another sub than just another woman he was seeing without the D/s involved.

sharing him sexual does not make me feel like i'm loosing something, nor does the idea of sharing him emotionally. but sharing that side of him (the D/s side)and all the emotions that CAN go along with it? makes me want to cry simply thinking about it. he says so far he is not interested in another sub. i would not mind as long as it were purely physical. we shall see. perhaps when he finds the right woman to bring into our lifes, i may change my mind, for now, thats one part of him i'll not be sharing. he's never shared me as a sub either since we moved past playing and letting it be a real part of us.

then, on the flip side, my hubby of heart when we play likes me to be the Domme. and I don't mind at all when he plays with others. this could be more simply my understanding that we can't realistically be all for each other what with the distance seperating us. not to mention, i was the one whom was already married when we met, so it definitely made me feel i had little right to make demands of him i couldn't agree to if he made them of me. or it could just be that i am not too comfy in my Domme skin and kinda enjoy that he can go elsewhere to get it when i am not in that headspace.

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