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So the hubby and I went out on a date, just the two of us. He got pretty buzzed, I stayed sober and we had a fantastic time. But, on the ride home he informs me that he's angry with me for 'giving him permission to date' he said he would really like to just go out and have sex with other women without me knowing about them or them knowing about me WHAT??????????? Then of course he follows that statement with the ever popular 'not that I could bring myself to do it' phrase.

Now I think after all this time together, I really know him, maybe I don't. He also said that he was disgusted by the fact that I had cheated on my x husband (14 yrs ago) WOW

So I called him on his shit. He's angry with me because I was capable of doing something he is not capable of doing. He wants to do it, he stops himself from doing it, where is that my fault? He answers with this: It's MY fault because I gave him 'permission' to date but then I put all these boundaries on it to make it impossible for him to date. REALLY?

These are my boundaries:
1. Honesty to all involved, about all involved. I want to know when he is involved with someone and I want her to know he is also involved with me.
2. When they become intimate, I need to know it's gone to that level
3. Always use condoms
4. No getting drunk or having sex until at least 3 dates and I have met her

I am really blown away right now. I am considering if I should even stay in this relationship. He clearly is stuggling with this. I haven't even remotely begun to look for anyone to date , yet he says he could not handle me being with someone else. But he wants to screw around! What a mess. Who am I married to? I am most definitely bringing this back up in a sober light. I refuse to allow him to wiggle out of it.
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