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Default New from TX

Hi all! I'm glad I found this forum.

I was introduced to the idea of poly about 10 years ago, but quickly dismissed it because it sounded so strange to me. I recently ended a 5 year relationship with a man who during the relationship we explored the idea of bringing another person into our bedroom. Once a man, and several times another woman. It was mostly fun, but I felt it was missing something. With the new show on Showtime, Polyamory, I find myself thinking this lifestyle might not be so strange to me now. I know it's just a show on tv, but I am even more curious to know if it might be what was missing. I am ready to educate myself more about it and think I am open to pursuing that type of lifestyle.

Ok, so I dunno if that was too much for an introduction, but that's why I'm here.
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