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Default dont lose what you have

after reading your story, maybe you just wanted to experiment with another girl,
rather than polly, religious inspired society will never accept the truth that bisexuallity in females is natural and normal, I also see you have jealousy issues which is the worst in a polly relationship, you will always be wondering if she is doing him or him her, it shouldent be like that. In polly unless their is a dome sub equasion between the two girls, you should have equal access to him, but at the same time to show respect to you, she should ask you permission to have him when you leave for work, and you should never refuse her but encourage her, by doing so you will have freed your mind of the turmoil and be happy with yourself knowing they are both safe, its the act of being innocent, lieing or pretending nothing happened thats hurting you possibly because they know you would never approve,
rather than just watch them having sex, instead you should be active help her take him, and she should help you take him and encourage each other to take it, and you girls should always give each other total access to each other at any time, complaneing about him going down on her i find selfish of you, you should be helping her get wet, giving her loving kisses, doing things to her while he is busy down below, encouraging her to cum all over his face, with her doing the same for you when he is between your legs, or if you would rather play with yourself while watching, dont think negative thoughts, think about what a beautiful act of giving it is and the fact you can all share the moment, issuing restrictions of denial is not a good thing, it will only work against you, hate and jealousy will consume your mind, if you cannot realize the exiting sensuality of the moment maybe polly is not for you, however you should realize she loves tongue as much as you do, denieing her is very controling of you, you should be celibrating the moment, showing them how proud you are of their giving themselves to each other, as they should be of you taking them.
I sincerely hope you can get over this, because I think your very brave to bring this up on hear, when you do I gurrantee all this confusion will just go away.
good luck to you.
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