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i'm a very open-minded person & i'm totally down to be in a poly relationship. it's just different because we were monogamous for so long, then she introduced this whole thing into our lives. it's an interesting change. we used to not be able to sleep apart, now she spends the night with the other girl a couple times a week, and i miss her so much when she's gone. and i guess it just hurts that she can't possibly miss me as much as i miss her, because she's not sleeping alone, she's in the arms of someone she loves. another thing is that when i bring up the possibility of me having someone else she says she would break up with me because she's afraid of losing me & wants to leave before she's left. she's afraid that i'll fall in love with someone else, even though she's in love with someone besides me. she thinks its different because she's dating a guy and a girl, and i would be dating 2 girls. i understand that, but at the same time puts me in a difficult position.
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