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Default My Fair Unwedding

I couldn't do a "real" wedding, O Best Beloved. My prospective whoever would have to be able to do without the fuss and feathers. I can list... hang on, counting on fingers, actually listing names... no more than thirty. On my side, anyhow. Six are family-family, the women I want standing up with me are sisters-by-other-misters (and they'll be catching me if I decide to have a panic attack), and I'll have to hire a doctor/NP/PA for the day (since three of us counting self are just that creaky).

The fact of the polyamory would have to be kept on the DL, but a wedding to another person would likely be about the people in that particular tier of the relationship celebrating their bond. GalaGirl, you're catching.

I don't know that I could find the traditional wedding gown that would flatter me. I'd want to incorporate color. I am writing my ideal outfit into the novels-in-progress -- sheer muslin tunic with bloused/cuffed sleeves over a lavender jersey gown, all belted under the bust, both sets of sleeves hitting at the elbow. Lavender silk slippers or white kid. (Sorry to all you vegans out there.) Hair down, veil extending from a "tiara" of lavender flowers lashed to a bit of some whitish metal. A certain three-ring necklace, so I might carry my darling and his darling with me the whole day.

Not sure what I'd have in my hands. I don't feel a traditional bouquet would do -- maybe a white rose surrounded by lavender sprigs and, to represent my other other spouse, a quill? (Because I married my writing years ago.)

It's good that I can't imagine what we would vow. I have no idea who zie would be. How can I say what would come to matter to us?

Rum cocktails only for booze option; we toast with non-alcoholic option or nothing at all. Breakfast-at-insert-non-breakfast-time here for food, vegan, omnivore, and gluten-free items available. BIG LABELS ON THOSE. Do not fancy guests collapsing in the middle of the dancing.

I've saved the music for last because music really is the food of love (play on!). Everyone I know has got great taste. I want my friend B's band to alternate with my DJ-inna-laptop, which is pretty much a playlist hooked up to great grand speakers. Requests taken prior to the day; if you're not sure I have it, give me a mix CD.

It's only a dream on paper, only because I'm watching David Tutera. I'm okay without it. I might like someday to have a party like this to celebrate the love between the lot of us and to hell with actually marrying! But formal, please, formal and fancy and gorgeous while we party.
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