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Originally Posted by Ttree View Post
It sounds like she is being downright emotionally abusive and insecure. It would help if you'd give some more information but so far it sounds to me as if she does not want you to have ANY relationships, romantic or otherwise. She does not sound right for you at all. It sounds like you have already told her how you feel. I think you would honestly be happier without someone like that in your life.
Tree, i like to thank you very very much for the reply, and others say its been two years and yes it has.. and you know that is very sad. Last year i finally broke away from this person; and to give back ground, yes I told her in the VERY BEGINNING.. nothing was suprise or new to that situation; But Ttree, i needed to hear what you had to say, and over the last few days i read your reply several times... it was healing to let me know i am doing the right things. I have no one right now, and maybe someday i may find the right place to build a family or maybe not, but for now i'm focused in business and hopefully that empty spot for a family in my heart may find its place.

I appreciate ALL THE RESPONSES, THEY ARE ALL VERY HELPFUL (Even the sarcastic ones about my absence)... THANK YOU.
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