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I did come to feel bad for him. A raft of teachers and professors did him a disservice by permitting him to obtain any kind of diploma (if indeed he ever did). So I wrote, in reply to his second short missive:

Do you want me to proofread your entire profile, or just your messages?

Properly, it's "Hello. How are you today?" and "Yes, I think so. What did I do wrong?" The first was a classic run-on sentence, easily separated by a period and appropriate capitalization*. The second could also become "Yes, I think so; what did I do wrong?" because the two sentences are so closely related. I do love semi-colons; alas, I fear I overuse them. (You see?)

Permit me to recommend Lynne Truss on the matter.

As for the matter at hand: I am not sure why you contacted me in the first place, given that I am not a Bible-believing sort of person and disagree heartily with the Pope on the subject of a woman's obligation to breed until her uterus drops from her pelvis. I am pointedly opposed to bearing children of my own, for reasons I consider entirely valid. You would do well to ask a different woman how she is doing, because nothing will come of an association with me.

Anachronistically as ever

* Or capitalisation; either is correct.

I'm a terrible snob regarding the English language. I'm terrible period with German, and I'm certain my French would give an actual Francophone fits; this is why I don't go a-courting in either of those languages! I keep it to English, and prefer a level of proficiency approaching mine in my partners.

...sometimes, yes, I sound like I've stepped out of a Victorian novel.
"I swear, if we live through this somebody's going to find their automatic shower preferences reprogrammed for ice water."

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