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Hi Jamie,
Welcome to our forum.

You have an interesting story, and an interesting situation. I see a potential there for a V relationship where you are the "hinge." G and L would both have to be okay with it, though.

The thing here is, I think, to not rule something out just because it's out of the ordinary. V relationships do happen, and work out every day. I am in a V myself, and am one of the "arms." So sure I just have one romantic partner, whereas she has two romantic partners (me and one other guy), but I am okay with that. It's just something that takes some adjusting. We had to work out our "bumps in the road" during our first couple of years.

I guess I am also encouraging you (and L and G) to not be spooked by you being polyamorous and both of them being monogamous. Mono/poly relationships can work out in real life as well.

Anyway, I'm glad you could join us, and hope you enjoy your stay.

Kevin T.
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