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Default Got issues, need answers/advice......

I'm part of a poly relationship, consisting of a husband & wife & myself...
We are having some difficulties in defining parameters such as household money, personal money, introductions and time management. Under time management issues I would add personal time, the time spent alone with ones self.

We've divided household money into thirds. Everyone pays a third of the mortgage and household utilities. We are each responsible for our own personal bills. This works with one exception, one of us doesn't have a job.

We, the ladies, prefer to be introduced as "wife" and our "good friend." We prefer it this way to avoid the issues that some of our friends & family will have trying to understand what we are about.

As to time management, those of us already on a schedule don't want our relationship managed by a schedule.

Is there anyone who has truely dealt with this issues and come away with a good solid foundation upon which to continue building their relationship???

Thanks to anyone who can help sort this out!
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