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I agree that for some reason people who call themselves Christians try to become know it allís. Quoting their bible as if they wrote it themselves. I donít think this problem is confined to any one group, religious or otherwise.

The premise in Christianity is that Jesus is God. He said He was the truth. I believe Jesus is God and He alone knows the truth.

What always amazes me when I enter a discussion about Jesus is how impersonal the conversation becomes and turns into an esoteric debate.

My only reason for being a part of this forum is to find personal friendships. My motivation to contribute to this thread was the hope to find friendship with others who believe Jesus is God.

If someone doesnít believe that Jesus is God it leaves the role of God up for grabs. Depending on individual experiences with God this can get pretty bewildering for me.

Loving someone else as much as I love myself is one of my life goals. I donít find it difficult loving someone as much as I love myself who doesnít believe Jesus is God.

Being romantically intimate is a different story. I can think of countless numbers of miserable couples who push and pull with each other more like enemies than best friends.

For me loving my wife as much as I love myself is the equivalent of believing and loving Jesus as God. Fortunately for me she feels the same way.

I think weíre all picky about who we sleep with and thatís a good thing.

We never know who we will encounter in any given day. Itís often not our choice. I would hope that whoever I happen to encounter I would be able to love, be kind, empathetic and learn something new.

The older I get the more I realize how little I knew about myself, about other people and most of all about the importance of loving each other.

Regardless of what we believe about God.
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