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So, last night, I see him and his highschool friend at the bar where we met exactly three months ago.

Long story short, and loaded with liquid courage, I came up to him and asked if we could talk. She comes, too.

I ask him why he didn't tell me she was coming for the weekend. He says I'm being confrontational, which I was... and I know in hindsight I shouldn't have been... but she stops him and says, "Let her finish."

I tell him I would have understood and wished them both a good weekend if he had the courtesy of telling me. He said he didn't' see a point to telling me because he wasn't even sure if they were having sex. I laugh. I tell them both, "If you're sleeping in the same bed... you're having sex." His friend actually smiles and nods yes. If circumstances were different, I would have loved to befriend this girl.. she was really nice. She looks at him and asks, "Why didn't you tell her? It's a big deal for someone to come over and spend the weekend with you." He mumbles something I don't comprehend.

I tell him I'm done. I tell her thank you for understanding. After all, this isn't her fault. I feel like crying, she hugs me. She said she will talk to him when he is sober but that she understood where I was coming from. I say goodbye.
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