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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
That is something like how I operate with miss pixi and Ginger. miss p and I get along great emotionally, but her sex drive doesnt come near Ginger's. However, after now 7 months, he and I have come to be quite close emotionally. However, since he is a bit Aspie, he doesnt get me the way she does, things can take more explaining. He's more rational (nowhere near like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, but sometimes there are similarities...).

Taken together, we make a great team. We've had 3way sex now, 3 times, and when she is with us 2 horndogs, it seems to inspire her sex drive! Ginger and she are quite attracted to each other. Very interesting dynamic. I am the only one experiencing any fleeting jealousy, and we are working through how to prevent that quite well in the last few weeks.

All of us are firmly polyamorous, so we don't have any mono issues/programming to deal with. We are just having to learn how to give space for their dyad to develop in the midst of my dyad with her, my dyad with him, and our 3way friendship/loveship.
That actually sounds great, I wish I could find something like that
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