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Default Gender roles

What are the roles like in your relationships? Who works? All or both of you? Only one of you? Who stays home with the kids, if anyone? Who does the cooking or cleaning? Do you find yourselves imitating gender roles modeled when you were young, or have you broken away from what you were taught?

In our own relationship, we have an almost total traditional gender role reversal. We joke about it almost daily, and take a lot of flak from conservative co-workers, parents and in-laws. She is the breadwinner, and acts like a typical "guy" (as she puts it), whereas I am a stay-at-home dad and do all the cooking, cleaning, diaper changes, etc. She often refers to me as the "mom".

The usual remarks we get are usually that I need to get off my ass and get a job, and how mean & irresponsible I am for forcing her to work. What's interesting is that if she stayed at home and I worked, no one would have a problem with it...
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