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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
Oh, and what I mean by people not being open to casual sexual relationships if they're truly polyamorous is this. A person who's polyamorous WANTS many loves, meaning they seek it. They're disappointed when something is just casual. They don't seek casual sex and think (as an after thought) "it'd be cool if one of them turns to love." The former is a polyamorous person for whom many loves is the intent and the main approach. The latter is a casual sex seeker who thinks "love may or may not happen; it's all good; I'll get sex, at any rate."
Er, what? Why can't you have many loves and also have casual sex as well? They're not mutually exclusive. You can want one, you can want the other, you can want neither or both. There isn't just one "poly state of mind" that makes the person what super-committed relationships only, and never anything casual.

So if someone has two spouses, and casual sex as well, they're suddenly not poly anymore according to you? I find that idea very weird.
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