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Originally Posted by BirthofVenus View Post
We both are mono to him. I understand what you're saying... if wants/needs can't be met at all, the typical approach is to leave, but I'm way too invested in him to want that to happen.
Nobody is ever, ever, ever 'too invested' to leave. Women who have been married for 35 years are capable of leaving when they're being abused. Mothers of 8 and 9 children can and have left men who abuse them. Women without jobs can and do leave. You're in your twenties, no children, and only 18 months into this.

Do you want to spend the next 25 or 30 years doing her housework and childcare without so much as a thank you, crying yourself to sleep at night alone, and having threesomes that you don't even want to be having? Because that's where you're headed right now at this moment if you claim you're 'way too invested' to leave.

I feel if it was just him and I that I would love to spend infinite lifetimes with him.
I doubt it. He compares your figure to his wife's--that's not particularly kind to her (I'm assuming you compare favorably?) It sounds to me like he's pitting the two of you against one another. He's clearly allowing this situation to go on. This is not all his wife's fault. If he really wanted to spend the night with you, he could and would. If he wanted you to be treated with respect, you would be. This does not sound to me like a man who loves and respects you, deep down.
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