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the problem is that I think that we are both right, and we are both wrong, at the same time.
Alright. HOW?

Your first post?

I am in therapy trying to get over my jealousy/insecurity issues and most of it centers around not feeling loved/important in my relationship.
Maybe there is nothing to get over. It's not you feeling you are not loved/important in your rship. You just aren't loved or important. Plain and simple.

He ignores your wants, needs and limits
. This is not loving you. This is not feeling you are important to him. This is not providing emotionally security in the relationship.

It goes on and on -- including "a lot of terrible miserableness."

Maybe it isn't so much therapy that you need, hon, to be "ok" with him and his weird.

Maybe you just need to get rid of HIM. Save your therapy money. I get you are reluctant to do that, but look who is the one in therapy here. Just you? He's not interested in making any changes to anything. He's got things how he wants them.

I feel like he is being a huge spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum since he can't get his way all the time.
See? Narcissistic brat wants his own way all the time.

I've said enough on him. On to YOU.

What would YOU like in terms of support here while you are making your decision? It is ultimately yours, but how can we best help you?

I do not know what you need or want here. A joke? A song? An ear? A story? What?

But I will say this to you -- you deserve better, you have worth, dignity and value as a human being.

I sincerely hope you situation improves.


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