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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
You are not in a wrong. Though he may have messed up your head. Consider taking highlighter to the tactics at speak out loud.

You keep flipping back and forth between seeing how terrible this is, and trying to minimize his badness.

This is NOT ethical polyamory.
Thanks, believe me that I am reading every word you are writing and taking it very much to heart. I see what you mean about flipping back and forth, the problem is that I think that we are both right, and we are both wrong, at the same time.

I looked through the pdf and to my relief none of it fit except one, he tells me that I can't expect any better (this sat very badly with me when he said it to me). I think it's less about him putting me down and more about this weird narcissism he displays in certain circumstances; I think in his mind no better partner exists. So he thinks that he is right in all disagreements we have with respect to our relationship, and he thinks this friend he was interested in (who isn't interested in him, or polyamory) would be so enlightened by being with him. I have no idea how he got this way, and it only comes out when we are talking about dating.
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